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A fresh breeze is blowing through Sgattoni Surgelati... 
It is the Italian Gourmet, a complete range that includes no less than ten references, from starters to roasts, ready to be enjoyed at home and appreciated in bars, pubs and take away.

It is a line of products that has been designed and studied in detail for two years, thanks to a valuable collaboration with companies that produce natural products such as dehydrated fish, very expensive but completely free of yeast. The result? A range of products inspired by the "homemade" preparation, in full respect of the Italian culinary tradition and aimed at awakening the chef that is in us!

Key word: quality. Our customers will be loyal to a unique taste, the goodness of the fish, enhanced by our ingredients and never covered by flavourings and additives. It is also a product that gives a nod to eco-sustainability thanks to its minimal packaging and, above all, its recyclability, a practical tray with plastic film that can be disposed of in plastic and a paper label.

Buon appetito from the gourmet chef Sgattoni Luigi, creator of the Il Gourmet Italiano line.

antipasto cambusa.jpg

Antipasto della Cambusa

Ideal for those who love fresh and tasty seafood combinations. An irresistible mix of beans, prawns and giant Pacific squid, expertly harmonised by a tasty pink sauce. The rice is first cooked in a rich fish broth, from prawns to bluefish. A genuine, natural dish that can be enjoyed in small portions as a starter or as a main course.

Capriccio di Mare

Rice blanched in a rich fish broth, smoked salmon, sweet and sour julienne vegetables, pink sauce: a rich, nutritious dish that can be enjoyed in small portions as a starter or main course.

capriccio di mare.jpg
paella commodoro.jpg

Paella del Commodore

Risotto lovers, unite! This is the dish for you, freely inspired by the typical Spanish seafood paella, with only fish and yellow rice. Simple, good and genuine, the fish is simply fried and accompanied by a rich fish broth and pre-blanched rice.

Risotto di Mare Bianco

This is the seafood dish par excellence: seafood risotto. Squid, mussels and prawns, well mixed in a fragrant fish broth and combined with expertly cooked rice, will conquer you over with their unmistakable flavour and give you the feeling of enjoying a haute cuisine seafood risotto.

risotto bianco.jpg
mezze penne nostromo.jpg

Mezze Penne del Nostromo

Our top of the range in a baby version for demanding little palates. We have also diversified our Admiral's Penne in half-penne format.

Penne dell'Ammiraglio

A rich first course to satisfy the most demanding palates. The variety of ingredients that make up our sauce make it unique and unmistakable: fried seafood, mussels and prawns and an enveloping, tasty tomato sauce make it our top of the range.

penne ammiraglio.jpg
filetto mediterraneo.jpg

Filetto Mediterraneo

Creativity, imagination, the search for ever more unique flavours: these are the ingredients of our cod fillet, seasoned with a delicious lemon breading and combined with a delicate potato cream. All this is accompanied by a mix of steamed vegetables, giving the dish a truly Mediterranean flavour.

Filetto alla Pizzaiola

Cod fillet flavoured with lemon breadcrumbs and served with a delicate potato and tomato cream, in the most traditional Pizzaiola recipe, with capers and black olives.

filetto pizzaiola.jpg
filetto ortolana.jpg

Filetto all'Ortolana

An excellent fillet of cod flavoured with a delicious lemon breadcrumb coating, served with a delicate potato cream and a side of grilled vegetables.

Di Arrosticini Totano

Arrosticini are just meat. Who said that? Inspired by the classic Abruzzo arrosticini, we have created an all-natural fish version, starring a delicious giant Pacific squid, enhanced with pepper cubes and a rich, spicy breadcrumb coating.

arrosticini totano.jpg

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