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Sgattoni Surgelati, the pioneers of Seafood Gourmet since 1967

Sgattoni Surgelati, the sea at the table

The story of Sgattoni Surgelati is a story of love for the sea, for quality products, for the freshness and genuineness of the raw materials. Since 1967, when Guido Sgattoni founded the company, the principles and values that inspire our daily work have not changed, offering our customers selected products, good and at the right price, to both the retail and food service sectors: from the great classics of frozen food to the most delicious ready meals, through to the inimitable Gourmet line. Ours is a reality of constant commitment, continuous improvement and innovation in order to offer only the best to those who trust us to bring on their tables every day our products.

Pasta allo scoglio
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The Veliero brand, a tradition in evolution.

It is our flagship brand and has always been synonymous with quality, tradition and history. The Veliero brand's philosophy has always been one of constant renewal, without ever abandoning the values that have always been considered essential, and which are its true flagship: the meticulous selection of raw materials, together with a great capacity for innovation.

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Quick to prepare, tasty: these are our Gourmet Line ready meals, hors d'oeuvres, first and second courses of fish with an unmistakable flavour, inspired by the most classic recipes of Italian cuisine. In just 7 minutes in the microwave, you can serve and enjoy a truly unique product with eco-friendly packaging.



From the sea to the table: a wide range of frozen seafood, tasty and safe, made up of ready-made sauces, mixes for appetizers and starters, breaded, floured and natural products that preserve all the aromas of freshly caught fish.



A complete and tasty line of frozen products to inspire the imagination and talent of chefs: this is our Food Service line, high quality frozen products available in convenient packaging, designed for quick and easy use.

Zuppa di pesce

Discover our recipes

Headquarters and Establishment
Via G. Matteotti, 8 - 63075

Acquaviva Picena (AP)


(+39) 0735 764923(ra) 
Fax (+39) 0735 784903 

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