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Tradition and history

The story of Sgattoni Surgelati srl is a beautiful one, made up of intuition, courage and strong will. This courage led Guido Sgattoni, just over 60 years ago, to believe in the potential of the seafood sector and to bet heavily on it. In fact, Atlantic fishing in San Benedetto del Tronto has always been the driving force, the most important sector in our country and an example to be followed beyond the borders. It is not by chance that Guido has always worked in the fishing sector, supplying ships from one side of the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas to the other with his truck.

In 1967, the turning point came with the shelling of clams, the true excellence of the Adriatic. Since then, the company has continued to grow: today, with the third generation at the helm, Sgattoni Surgelati is a strong and experienced company, always looking to the future.

Quality and certifications

Sgattoni Surgelti's primary objective is total customer satisfaction, and in order to achieve this we are aware of the need to guarantee safety, quality and reliability. To achieve this, the company has found it necessary to implement a system that, in accordance with the company's organisational structure for quality and hygiene, has integrated certifications according to the international food safety standards BRC and IFS.


This system takes into account
•    Selection of suppliers;
•    Traceability of every single element that makes up our preparations;
•    the management of controls at each stage of the production process;
•    the need to test everything produced directly at our headquarters.

Sgattoni Surgelati has also obtained the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification which promotes sustainable fishing practices.

Gourmet Dish

Selected raw materials

At Sgattoni Surgelati, we know that hard work always pays off: it is not by chance that our company is today one of the most flourishing and innovative in the Italian food industry. The relationship of trust with the families of our consumers is based on values that we have never betrayed: the excellent quality and genuineness of all our products, products that are easy to prepare and that know how to combine the pleasure of the table with the eating habits that are increasingly "hit and run" in today's society. Our proposals include a delicious gourmet line, many ready meals and basic preparations to let your imagination run wild in the kitchen!

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