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Fish soup

6 servings | 600g | Preparation 15/20 mins.


Pre-cooked giant Pacific squid (dosidicus gigas) caught in the Southeast Pacific. Southeast Pacific, Indo-Pacific squid (uroteuthis duvauceli) caught oc. West Indian, Tomato, Pacific Clam (paphia undulata) caught oc. Mid-West Pacific, Blue Shark (prionace glauca) caught oc. Northeast Atlantic (sub-area x, Azores seabed), Indo-Pacific Octopus (octopus membranaceus) caught oc. Mid-West Pacific, Indo-Pacific Shrimp (solenocera crassicornis) caught oc. Western Indian Ocean Fish broth (water, (water, salt, extra virgin olive oil, onion, rice flour, flavouring, garlic, fish and shellfish, white wine, chilli), onion, Indo-Pacific cuttlefish (sepia aculeata) caught in the West Indian Ocean, pangasius (pangasionodon hypophthalmus) farmed in Vietnam, Monocero shrimp (metapenaeus monoceros) caught in the West Indian Ocean, parsley. Contains acidity regulators: e330, e331, stabilisers: e450, preservative: sodium metabisulphite. May contain traces of gluten.

Preparation tips

In a large frying pan, fry 6 tbsp olive oil, a finely chopped clove of garlic, salt and pepper. When the garlic is golden brown, pour the contents of the frozen pan into the frying pan, cover with a lid and stir occasionally to avoid sticking to the bottom. When the stock has thickened and evaporated, cooking is complete. Serve hot.



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