Since 1968, “Sgattoni Surgelati” has been processing frozen food, fish based.

Founded by mr Guido Sgattoni senior, Sgattoni Surgelati has progressively grown over the last 46 years, becoming today a company with a strong identity.

The continuous grit, determination and the will to measure constantly itself with new challenges has always distinguished Sgattoni Surgelati through the years, transforming it in a leading company in the field of processing and freezing of frozen food, fish based.

Our company, Sgattoni Surgelati, is customer oriented. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, assuring quality, efficiency and reliability. We aim to obtain certificated, top-quality products, which, can go beyond customer’s expectation, therefore, we use to keep updated continuously the various processes and areas of our business, such as: human resources, equipment, machinery and technology, which, we consider key factors for a successful business.