Environmental Conservation

Sgattoni Surgelati is located in a pleasant, green wide valley, in a small city, Acquaviva Picena, just 7 km far from the well-known touristic location, San Benedetto Del Tronto.

Sgattoni Surgelati, takes care of environmental conservation and of human health, being aware of its social and ethical responsibilities towards the community where it operates and from which, it draws resources.

For this reason, we, at  Sgattoni Surgelati, put constantly all our efforts in recycling natural resources.  For instance, an impressive purification plant for waste water has been installed. The waste water, which is purified through the most advanced and updated technology (quartz refiner, activated carbon, sieve filter), is used in different areas, such as: cooling, equipment and machinery washing, sanitization.

Our environmental policy has brought to our company many benefits, reducing so, the business costs as well as preserving the water, which is one of the most important natural resources for mankind.



The energy irradiated over the earth is about 10 000 times greater than all the energy used by mankind overall.

We, at Sgattoni Surgelati, are aware of this, so we have decided to use solar energy.

Luckily, our company is located in a area which includes many solar energy plants. For this reason, there is no need to produce it within our company’s territory.  Drawing solar energy from the nearest sources, we make use of it, in order to handle some of our business processes, such as: water heating for sanitization,  and industrial boilers, reducing so gas use.

We, at Sgattoni Surgelati, believe in the concept of ethical and social responsibility, therefore, we aim to safeguard nature for present and future generations. We, commit ourselves to implement a preventive approach towards environment in order to contribute to a long-term development of mankind.