Sgattoni Surgelati

The brand Veliero, is the main brand of Sgattoni Surgelati. It represents 60% of our turnover.
Thanks to our customers, who have appreciated its unique quality, since the beginning, today, Veliero is a consolidated and a successful brand, constituting part of our company identity.


The Brand Il Guardiano del Faro


The brand “il Guardiano del Faro” is an homage to the founder of our company, mr Guido Sgattoni senior.
According to our commercial policy, “Il Guardiano del Faro” is distributed in areas where the brand Veliero is not distributed.

Both, “Il Guardiano del Faro” and Veliero offer a range of high-quality products, well-known in the local market.

Our company is very proud to introduce and distribute Il Guardiano Del Faro brand as a tribute to its own roots so to its founder, mr Guido Sgattoni Senior.


The Brand S/G

The brand S/G has been inspired by mr Sgattoni Guido junior, who represent the future of Sgattoni Surgelati.
According to our policy, the brand is promoted and commercialized in areas where other our brands, such as Veliero and Guardiano Del Faro are not present.