Sgattoni Surgelati srl seeks to pay attention to people who need help and support. Therefore, Sgattoni Surgelati has been supporting for years sport activities within local community. For instance, Sgattoni Surgelati has been sponsoring the teenager football team and the volleyball one of young girls managed by the local church.

Jointly, Sgattoni Surgelati has been always active in supporting and helping human Associations, such as: A.S.M.O, LEGA DEL FILO D’ORO, AIRC (cancer research).

Last but not least, Sgattoni Surgelati srl has been part of various supporting initiatives towards the continent of Africa.

In spite of global marketplace challenges, in spite of complicated economic scenario of nowadays, we, at Sgattoni Surgelati, continue to put a lot of effort, in order to contribute, so improve human conditions of life.

With Sincere Love,

Luigi Sgattoni